- Takumi Fujiwara and his Eight-Six Trueno / Photo Sourced from Auto Trader

Here's Why You Need To Watch Initial D

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It's been 21 years since Takumi Fujiwara taught us that it doesn't matter what you drive, it's how you drive it. In those past two decades this antihero has risen to become one of the fastest drivers in the Gunma region using his father's old Eight-Six Trueno.

Takumi's Eight-Six / Photo Sourced from Auto Trader

Initial D captures the spirit of car enthusiasts in the same way that the Fast and Furious franchise does, but Initial D brings a more realistic aspect to it by steering away from the tanks and other sensational plot points of the Fast and Furious. What we are left with are a group of drivers, a long list of JDM icons and a show that speaks directly to the hearts of car enthusiasts young and old alike.

Keisuke's FD vs Hideo's Supra RZ / Photo Sourced from Funimation

We are immediately thrown into the world of Initial D by the first scene when we see the Eight-Six carving the winding roads of Akina's mountain pass. We are then introduced to Takumi and Itsuki and soon we encounter the rest of the cast. By the end of the episode we are graced with an incredible encounter between Takumi's Eight-Six and Keisuke's FD with "No One Sleep In Tokyo" playing in the background.

Kyoichi's Evo 3 and Ryosuke's RX-7 Savanna FC / Photo Sourced from Funimation

If the cars and characters weren't enough to get you into the show, then the epic soundtrack will surely get you in the mood to take your own set of wheels out for a spin. Songs like "Running In The 90s", "Gas Gas Gas", and "Deja Vu" accompany the screeching tires and wailing engines of the cars and creates incredible scenes that are worthy of being watched over and over again.

Takumi's Eight-Six / Photo Sourced from Animax

So why should you invest, or reinvest, yourself in a twenty year old anime? Because it's great! The dialogue, dub or sub, has the kind of conversations that you and any of your car friends could wind up in, and the races are awesome. There are plenty of characters and cars to invest in and rediscover your passion for these JDM legends all wrapped in roughly 30 minute episodes that you can binge by the dozen thanks to YouTube!

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