Here's why you should daily-drive a scooter

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A while ago, James May did an article about why one should get a bike and while I agree with him, before you go out and buy your ZX-10R, may I suggest you get a scooter? Yes, those vehicles on tiny two wheels also kinda fall under the motorcycle category but are rarely mentioned.

It seems that the lust of more speed and power has blinded people from seeing the true greatness of scooters, and so my brothers and sister I come here to preach why scooters are better than bikes and cars. Scooters are the best form of transport.

Easy Learning Curve

Since ancient times man has used horses to get around, yet not everyone could handle them, which led them to use ponies. And today, bikes are seen as the modern horse. But again, not everyone can handle them. Some have problems with the gears and the clutch. Others have a problem processing the power and weight of a bike. On the other hand, Scooters are simple to ride, just twist the throttle and off you go.

Thus if you have only driven automatic cars, the transition is more natural if you go for a scooter than bikes.

More Convenient

Cars are great and so are bikes but only on highways and the outskirts of the city. But compared to them, scooters more practical for running errands around the town. Their small size and storage space makes them the perfect city vehicle. Due to their small wheel size, they are more nimble and far more maneuverable in traffic. Bikes can also do this, but they have abysmal boot space. The CVT also plays a significant role because you don’t have constantly change gears in traffic. Moreover, in some places, they can use cycle and bus lanes, which is a significant advantage.


We all love the looks and sounds of Supercars, but running and maintaining them is another matter altogether. Unless you are filthy rich, which most of us aren’t, scooters are an excellent alternative transport that lets you save money that you can later blow-up in your car. Interesting cars can have interesting problems, something boring scooters doesn’t.

Scooters tend to give more mileage than bikes, and the maintenance and repair cost tends to be around the same as bikes, if not cheaper. This is pretty nifty for running errands, but the only drawback is you don’t look as cool while doing it.

Protection from the elements

Scooters provide a certain degree of protection from water, dirt, and mud to the rider, something motorcycles can’t. This reduces the expenditure spent on motorcycle gear. Moreover, due to their shape, they can protect your leg from accidents, something motorcycles can, but only if the Crash bar is installed.


Thus Scooters offer a lot despite their small size yet, often overlooked by the community. Perhaps it is because they have a commuter feel in them, something that an enthusiast might hate. Let’s face it we all love speed and power something that scooter doesn’t have, even large maxi scooters can be beaten by bikes of similar displacement in terms of performance. Some of them, especially lower displacement ones, don't perform well on highways and often have a small fuel tank capacity.

But Scooters are fun nevertheless, and it’s more fun to ride a slow vehicle fast than a fast vehicle slow. This is why even small journeys can become an adventure since it’s more of a challenge on a scooter than a bike due to their small engine and tire size. Scooters carry the same risks as bikes as such, I think they should be acknowledged as one even if they are bit bland. And practical.

And lest we forget many of us had their first riding experience on Scooters.

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  • I'm in Melbourne Australia. I think we need a big change in our thinking. We all should be thinking that It's cool to go slow. Everyone is on about saving the environment. But then jump in there cars and drive like there in a touring car race. I have always had a little scootie for getting to work or, going for a milk run to the local supermarket. And I love it. And your right. It's more fun to ride a slow scootie fast. Then a fast bike slow. I have a little Suzuki Address 110. At the moment. It's the cheapest to buy the cheapest to run and sevice. Dont get me wrong I have a car and other bikes but the scootie is the first point of call. We have to spread the word. ( It's cool to go slow)...

    14 days ago
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  • Depends on the scooter. If it's a old school Vespa or Piaggio then yes. If its a modern twist and go hairdryer then its a no.

    14 days ago
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