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Here's why you should never put premium gas in your non-premium car

Don't be an idiot, buy the cheap stuff

Listen, there are many things that you shouldn't do with your car, modify it, race it, lower it, but for god's sake, please stop pouring premium gas into your car when you don't have to!

Putting premium gas into a car that wasn't designed to run at higher octane levels is just burning money for no apparent reason.

"But premium gas is better for my car!"

No! it's only helpful for the guy who owns the gas station, and may just be hurting your precious Corolla. Listen, there are many ways that engineers make cars more efficient, setting aside hybridization, most manufacturers will try to get the fuel to ignite earlier, before the spark plug even fires, but if done incorrectly this can destroy your engine.

But to prevent that, engineers program the engine to run on high-octane fuel, which costs more money. Still, many manufacturers decide to tune their engines to run on low-octane fuel, and then their idiot customers put high-octane fuel in anyways.

Here's the thing, if your engine was tuned to run on 87-octane putting 93-octane into it will only make your car worse, and will likely cost you both power and efficiency, because the more additives you have to put into gas to bring up the octane, the less room there is in that fuel tank for actual gasoline!


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Comments (10)

  • If you ever diss the Corolla again, I will curse you with unreliability! :P

      2 months ago
  • Most modern cars can run both regular and high the timing is adjusted

      2 months ago
  • I didn’t think that happened anymore. That’s unfortunate. One of my cousins put diesel into his dad’s car because it was the cheapest option.

      2 months ago

      10 days ago
  • I agree with this sentiment/statement in most cases. my 2004 Saab turbo absolutely loves premium though. best mileage and performance compared to all the other fuel I've experiemented with over the last 4 years. But if i had a non-turbo car of the same age, I'd not bother running anything greater octane than 95, like I have in at least half a dozen of my previous vehicles

      2 months ago