Here's why you should watch Smith and Sniff on YouTube

They have some great stories about James May!

1y ago

If you're like me, then you will find yourself sucked into long sessions on YouTube where you end up watching all sorts of nonsense. Thankfully, this nonsense happens to be Smith and Sniff for me. If you don't already know, 'Smith' is Jonny Smith and 'Sniff' is Richard Porter (his Twitter username is Sniff Petrol along with his website).

Both Jonny and Richard are big names in the world of car journalism and British television. Richard is most well known for his work behind the scenes as script writer for BBC's Top Gear and The Grand Tour along with the big three. And I'm sure you all know Jonny from Fifth Gear which he is still a part of.

Together, they have a YouTube channel called Smith and Sniff. This is a place where they upload cracking car reviews and lots of conversations about anything and everything. This content is very relatable and funny. Some of the analogies they come out with are truly genius including Ken Bruce's Shotmaster, the smell of Paul Hollywood and almost anything about Magnus Walker.

Mixed in with these videos are many references to old Top Gear which Richard loves to bang on about from when he worked at the Beeb. (luckily we enjoy it too). A lot of these involve funny stories about Clarkson, Hammond and especially May.

My favourite segments of the channel are their lunches. For some reason I really enjoy these two talking complete drivel over an M&S meal deal. It’s not only about cars they talk about yet it always relates back to a cars in one way or another.

So, make sure you look out for their stuff every Friday morning!

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  • That mercedes 560sec Brian sewell used it for a BBC art program traveling across Europe and it was left outside his flat in Kensington park road Notting Hill gate and did not move for a long time.

      1 year ago