Here's Your Chance To Buy A Low Mileage Fox Body McLaren

Yes, McLaren Fox Body.

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The Ford Motor Company Fox Body platform is just short of a legend. You hear "Fox Body" and you can immediately picture the glory that was the simple boxy design. The cars weren't the last word in performance nor were they a collectors dream. They are popular among drag racers because of their relatively low cost and simplistic design. What you don't immediately think of when you think Fox Body is British Supercar and Formula 1 team, McLaren. A McLaren Fox Body is like Prada chaps, it is one of those things your brain struggles to understand.

All that didn't stop some enterprising chaps from forcing the two together like a good ol' fashioned shotgun wedding. The man responsible was Ford engineer Peter Muscat who wanted to create a performance drop top version of the Fox Body Mustang. Muscat's wife who was driving a Mercedes SL convertible at the time and if the legend is to be believed wasn't allowed to park it in the Ford parking lot. Not willing to fight the ridiculousness of that particular rule, Muscat presented Ford with a plan to build a Mustang convertible using McLaren suspension parts. The idea was immediately shot down as Ford had already made plans for their own convertible 'Stang.

If Muscat couldn't have his Mustang he went for the next best thing, a Mercury Capri. The Capri shared the Mustang's Fox Body platform which made it just as simple to modify as the more popular pony. Muscat commissioned American Specialty Cars (ASC, formerly American Sunroof Corp) to do the work. ASC partnered with McLaren who surprisingly enough was already producing suspension modifications for the Fox Body cars, Throw in some body tweaks and a hotter cam shaft for the engine and the ASC McLaren Capri was born. Eventually a coupe version was built and you can now find a find example of this Anglo-American team up on ebay.

The 5.0 may not be the most powerful lump but it still motivated the Fox Bodies to 60 in under 6 seconds.

The 5.0 may not be the most powerful lump but it still motivated the Fox Bodies to 60 in under 6 seconds.

If the fact that McLaren worked on Fox Bodies wasn't astonishing enough for you this car only has 691 miles on the clock. 691!!! It is one of only 115 coupes built and has been around for damn near 30 years and only has 691 miles on it. Could you imagine the original owner explaining why he isn't driving his new Capri? Sure it has better styling, and McLaren magic all over it but come on man. How do you not drive this car? He must have thought it was going to be one Hell of a collector's car. Time has proven him wrong but his loss can be your gain as now you can get one of the weirdest McLaren's for only $30,000.

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  • Wasn´t this the american part of McLaren, who also built the first BMW 3-series group 5 cars?

      3 years ago