Here's Your Chance To Buy The McLaren Pontiac Of Your Dreams!

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A while back we took a look at McLaren's work with Ford Motor Company to create the fairly awesome Fox Body Mercury Capri. Well apparently that wasn't the only time McLaren dabbled in modifying American cars. Enter the 1990 Pontiac Grand Prix! McLaren partnered with ASC to create, what might be the most collectible Grand Prix ever produced.

The two door coupe featured a 3.1 liter turbocharged V6 producing a whopping 205 horsepower! Hey, it was the Early 90's and horsepower wasn't exactly plentiful. Unfortunately the only transmission on offer was a four speed automatic. More aggressive body lines were added including hood louvers. Minor upgrades were made to the suspension and with the exception of the 6×8″ alloy wheels one could walk past it and not think anything particularly special was going on.

Unless they happened to pear through the window and see the completely custom interior bespoke toe the ASC McLaren Grand Prix. Seating capacity was reduced to four while being wrapped in premium leather. Then there is the steering wheel which looks exactly as you'd expect multi-function steering wheel from 1990 would look like. But it didn't end there, a display near the shifter was ahead of its time displaying such modern features like a clock and an animated compass. The compass would rotate around an image of the car.

So many buttons!!!

Only 3,500 examples were ever made so if you like rare odd balls this is the car for you. Even better if this feels like your particular slice of the late 80's/early 90's then good news is at hand! You can bid to buy your very own over at Bring A Trailer! This prime example has been garage kept its entire life and only has 78,000 miles on it. The current bid at the time of writing was only $3,600.

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  • They're good cars when properly gone through. decently quick, and very well handling car. Another nice one was the 1990 Bonneville SSE. Neither rusted nor fell apart if cared for and properly maintained. I have both and the Bonneville has been one of the best and most dependable cars I've ever owned. Any car is disposable if you treat it like it is! Ps that's way too cheap for that TGP. Usually at that quality they trade for around 6-9k. No way it sells at 4k.

    1 year ago
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  • Hmmm, $3,600 for a near 30 year old Pontiac. What could go wrong? Seriously, this comes from an era when Pontiacs were nearly disposable. This car's newer surviving relatives(and few are they) generally have excessive rust and body cladding dangling by threads. Not GM's best days, but maybe McLaren had enough input to overcome those issues? Of course I'm also assuming someone would buy this to drive it because buying it for show is nothing short of crazy. Just look at that interior and those wonderful features! That was a truly great/rare find!

    1 year ago


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