Here's Your Chance To Buy Top Secret's Epic V12 Supra

1y ago


So spy shots are everywhere of the soon to be released MkV Supra. The car has a lot to live up to give its predecessors legendary status. The MkIV Supra makes JDM fans weak in the knees and ceased production in 2002. Since the last one rolled off the production line Supra fans have been eagerly anticipating the MkV. Toyota teased them with each concept car saying this might be the next Supra. It wasn't until recently that Toyota stopped messing around and announced the next vehicle to bear the Supra name.

Some people didn't want to wait for Toyota, tired of being teased some of the legendary tuning houses took to the shop to create their interpretation of the next Supra. Perhaps the best example of this is Top Secret's V12 Supra. Kazuhiko Nagata envisioned a V12 beast capable of 400 KPH (249 MPH). So he found himself a V12 out of Toyota Century. The 1GZ-FE made 276 hp from factory and we all know that wasn't going to cut it. Custom internals were built and two turbos were added. But wait, there's more. A wet shot of nitrous was added and the end result was nudging 1,000 horsepower.

The entirety of the car was built to an exquisite standard as is the norm for any Top Secret car. Almost everything was custom from the intake and exhaust systems to the bell-housing needed to match the 1GZ-FE to the Getrag 6 speed manual. Top Secret added their very own Super G-Force wide body kit, painted it their signature gold and ended up with a beast unlike any other Supra on the road.

It is at this point you might be wondering why bother? Why go through the effort and subsequent cost to shove a V12 in there when a built 2JZ-GTE will hit 1,000 horsepower with ease? For starters it goes back to the original vision. The vision of what a MkV supra should be. The only way to improve on six cylinders is to up the wow factor to twelve. Not to mention if you had the means would you not build something totally unique, unlike any other built Supra on the road? I know I would, there is something very appealing about being different. There's no denying this is a very different take on a MkIV Supra.

The best part? This car is now up for auction. So if you want your very own piece of Top Secret awesome then check out Vistec-R Imports.

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