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Here's your first look at the Nissan Ariya Concept

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Nissan has established everything that they want to be in the future, and they put it all in a car, whose name is the Ariya. The quirky build has plenty of interesting things to talk about, from a new design language, new badge designs, to a cool interior and a terrible exterior, to name a few. Allow me to show you all the ins and outs of Nissan's new car.

Exterior Design


I first want to discuss design, and before I begin, it's worth my time to tell you to get a bowl of popcorn and a cup of tea because there is a LOT to talk about. And now that you have some fine green tea with heavily buttered popcorn, it's time to begin, and I will begin with the light bar. Automakers have been slowly integrating light bars as brake lights, and the Ariya joined in the bandwagon. Also implemented in the trending light scheme the illuminated "Nissan" text, which is a really nice touch. Going upwards, we see a spoiler, which at first I thought ruined the car, but it has since grown on me, and I now think the spoiler adds character to the car. The spoiler also helps hide the fact that the Ariya features an egg roof. My very first article was on cars with egg-shaped roofs, and how I detest them with my last nerve. The point is, I'm not super fond, to say the least, of the sloped design, but the spoiler helps hide it.

Moving to the front, this is where you notice an important change, which is the new badge. Nissan's new, more modern badge features a more sleek design, which suits the Ariya much better than Nissan's current badge. It's worth mentioning that the Ariya isn't the only Nissan concept to receive this new badge, so it seems likely that Nissan will retire their current badge to make way for this one. The front also consists of air intakes, which seem to lead to the wheels. Given that this car is all-electric, these intakes could possibly cool down the electric motors, but this is purely speculation.

Interior Design


Let me start off by saying I'm a huge fan of this interior. It seems that Nissan got everything right with the design. Beginning with the climate controls, they are not screen, but more or less, they appear to be lights that give haptic feedback when they are tapped. The reason why this is such a big deal is this: Nissan got the best of both worlds. One "world" is to keep them as physical buttons, but the main issue with this is it clutters the interior. The second "world" is the integrate them into infotainment screens, and the issue with this is that they are either hard to get to, or they simply aren't as intuitive as physical buttons. Nissan's idea solves all of this by including them in the (seemingly) wood trim, the controls are always there, but it still keeps the interior sleek and clean. Moving on to the screens, Nissan choose a system like Mercedes, with two screens next to each other. The driver screen looks very sporty, while the main infotainment screen keeps that sporty look while adding a little bit of a more comforting aspect to the Ariya.

Finally, I want to mention the materials of the interior. This interior is arguably better than any Japanese cars today, it every way. The Satin copper-colored aluminum door handles and climate vents really fit the Ariya well. The grey aluminum trim on the door itself looks fantastic as well, and the wood compliments all of those aspects extremely nicely.

Performance, Production Run, and everything else


As for performance, we don't know anything specific. Just like every other concept nowadays, the Ariya will be electric. The Ariya will be fully electric, with no signs of a gasoline companion. Nissan promises a dual /front/rear motor drive configuration, which gives power to all four wheels. Nissan also says that the Ariya will have "excellent conferring performance and traction of slippery surfaces such as snow and loose dirt, without the drivers needing to change their driving style, steering input or even pedal position. " Hopefully the future will see this car on sale, but Nissan hasn't lamented any dates for when, or if, they will put the Ariya into production. The only information provided to us is the following: "Although it's a concept vehicle, the crossover EV's bold styling and unconventional interior and exterior elements could make it into production in the near future."

What do you think of Nissan's latest creation? Are you a fan of the Ariya or do you never want to see this car ever again? Please write your thoughts down below and make sure to check out the poll.

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  • Audi, bmw, Mercedes even Volvo have produced some dull/ugly SUV’s of late (q2, q3, q3 sport, q5., blc, X1, x3, x5, x60, x70. (Look to Jaguar and Land Rover for great suv design) Nissan could actually eat into their market share with this design and nissans reputation for reliability. The one thing that could lose you the prize is the quality of materials used on the interior. No chrome, no shiny black plastic please. the minimalist understated design looks great but has to make it to production.. From a business perspective it needs to be available in no more than 12 months It’s the only Nissan I have ever wanted to own (apart from the 260z and the Figaro in lapis grey 😊) If you need a tester I might be available. 😉

    12 days ago
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  • the car looks good the interior for sure looks good, but i don't like the front it is just to much a mix of futuristic and plain. Also i wish it were hydrogen powered, but other than that it is a nice car

    2 days ago
    • Not a fan of the exterior either. I definitely think hydrogen is the future, not electricity

      2 days ago


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