- Seeing an R34 on the streets is still a bit like capturing a glimpse of a unicorn. Not for much longer though.

Hero. A short movie about a man, his daughter, and an R34 GTR.

Sometimes all it takes is a drive to clear the mind, rest the soul, and remind us of the quality time we need with one another.

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29w ago

The process of growing up is difficult. The process of raising a child is arguably equally as difficult. Especially when the child comes of age and begins to find their place in the world. We all get to that point in our life where we realize everything is 'all sunshine and rainbows'.

Sometimes we all reach a point in our darker moments where the best thing to do is get out of the house to clear our heads. Not always do we reach this conclusion by ourselves. It can take some poking and prodding by our loved ones to get outside. It certainly doesn't hurt if getting outside means taking a ride in an R34 GTR!

We just want to tell simple stories of why cars mean so much to us

Andy K. - Driven Motion Cofounder

The short film 'Hero' by Driven Motion demonstrates these issues and illustrates how a seemingly casual drive can clear our minds. 'Hero' tells a story about a daughter going through growing pains, her dad's response, and the GTR to bring them together.

Aren't the memories most of the allure of the cars we hold so near and dear to us? It isn't always about the car, but the memories we had with it. It certainly doesn't hurt that in this case the 'Hero Car' is an R34 GTR - but it doesn't have to be and it won't be for most of us.

The R34 GTR in this short story is the obvious enthusiasts' 'eye candy', but it is quite literally the vehicle for the story itself. This is the next level of any auto shoot. What do you do next with all the footage you shot of your car? It's time to tell a real story. That's what 'Hero' is - it's a car shoot upgraded into a short film and one we can all relate to.

Go check it out on the Driven Motion YouTube - linked right here.

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  • This is what driving is all about. In all the hours we’ve spent fixing our cars, we didn’t realize how much cars end up really fixing us.

      6 months ago
  • Great article! And great film! Came for the r34 stayed for the entirety of filmography, story, and of course GTR goodness

      6 months ago
  • Thanks for the writeup, great article! Truly captured the message of our film. :)

      6 months ago
    • Thanks. Excellent job on the film. Keep it up.

        6 months ago
  • If I had one I would do this...

      6 months ago
  • Jackultramotive's last name is Morris

      6 months ago