Hero puts the legendary Group C Mazda 767b racecar on a dyno

1w ago


Really no words for this one folks. Just the unabashed glory that is the Group C Mazda 767b racecar on a dyno.

Just listen to that noise!

AHHHHHH flames at 1:06! Total car nerdgasm right there. So damn cool.

If that wasn't good enough. Here's another example of how this thing melts your ears.

Yes the dyno video is from 5 years ago, but it's pretty cool seeing a racecar on a dyno. Usually it's just some (read: mine) crappy project car. No mention of the power it put down, but we don't really need to know. Just listen to it!

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Comments (6)
  • The sound of the vid is not representable, this car is so enormously bloody loud and screaming your ears start hurting. During the night at Le Mans it was the only car you could follow around the total lap by its noise only. I believe Autosport had on its Le Mans cover something like: The Siren is back!! Pity they forbid 4 rotor rotary engines the year after they won...

    12 days ago
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  • I'm pretty sure this is the Forza Motorsport 4 recording session where they said it was the loudest car they've ever recorded, and they had to do it in a remote location instead of their usual Dyno, to avoid getting fined for noise pollution to the nearby town. That's how loud it is 😂😂

    12 days ago
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