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Heusinkveld Mazda MX-5 World Tour: Round 4

This week i've raced in my favorite championchip at moment. The Mazda MX-5 World Tour round 4 at Phillips Island.

Limited amount off practice

I only bought the track the day before the race. And I really had not that much time to practice. In the practice session before the race I could do some good steady times. But not rather fast. And I was having trouble with the setup. I was not having a consistent feeling in the car. I only had like 35th time in practice so I wasn't confident for the race.

Southern Loop: my black corner!

Southern Loop: my black corner!


I had the feeling my first lap was going very well. But I went a little bit to wide in the 5th corner off the track. Taking that incident point and no laptime at my first attempt. My second lap was not really good. I didn't had that consitent feeling like I said. And only qualified in P28. With a time that was 4 tenths slower than my best practice time.

The race

Like I said, I never raced on this track before. And I was not really confident in my speed. But I knew if I could maintain a decent pace a top 20 was going to be possible. And what a great first lap did I had! Starting P28 going to p17 in the first lap. I was so hyped, so excited! I had the feeling I had the speed to follow P15. Offcourse, there was a big crash in the first lap and some drivers did a drive through penalty. But I passed 4 cars on track! But in al my excitement I overshooted the second corner in the second lap. Lost the rear tyres. And was able to hit the only 3m wide standing wall on the inside off the corner. Pretty proud I could hit that wright in the middle *uhum*. This got my some front bumper damage. Slow race pace for the rest off the time and pitstop trouble.

I tried to get out the pit fast enough so I would not be lapped before the leaders where going to pit. But because off the slow pace I had after the damage I miscalculeted it. Although, i'm pretty proud how I let the leading group pass me all in one corner without any incidents. I hope those guys didn't had any trouble with me.

After that the race got pretty boring for me. I only wanted the finish the race without any more incidents to get a good Miles Per Incident rating at the end. It's very close in the middle off the championship standings. And every point counts!

And finaly

After this race i'm really looking forward to snetterton. I want to show i'm a good driver and that i'm able to get good results. My goals for this season are going to be: 1 top 10 result this season and top 3 in Am class. I think those are some realistic goals for me. Offcourse, I hope to get fast enough to battle with the guys that where in that amazing leading group! I'm really jalous I'm not enough to be there. But let's keep working for it!


Make sure you check all the links here: Especially my derpressing livestream session on Youtube. Watch the first 2 laps and lap 12 to check how I let through the leading group!

And make sure you check out this awesome race on Global Simracing Channel. You will not regret!

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