Heusinkveld Mazda MX-5 World Tour: Race 2

The second round off the Mazda MX-5 World tour brought us to Donington for a 26lap exciting race!

This is the series i'm looking forward to every two weeks. The competition is so high! Racing with almost 50 drivers on tracks that are made for the Mazda mx-5. I really enjoy these races.


The one thing I remembered from last race in Spa was that my qualy was really bad. And I really wanted to improve it this time. In practice I wasn't really the fastests guy in Am categorie. Only in P7 after practice. So I thought this was really going to be a hard race for me. But I did some good steady runs in practice and got more confidence for qualifying then I had in Spa. In qualy I did my fastests lap ever on this track. Not surprising because I only bought this track on friday. Wich got me in P21 at the starting grid! 10 places better then in Spa.

The Race

I had a very good start from the line already making up one position in the first corner. In the first couple off laps I managed to get in P17 with some nice racing. After Bas Slob did his Stop and Go penalty I led the Am class for a while. I managed to get a good 2 second gap with Eric Koeman. But some Pro drivers started battling in front off me. Because off this Eric could close the gap and we had some great racing. In lap 12 I had a bad run in the first corner and Eric took advantage off it passing me the next corner. I decided to just follow Eric and battle it out the last couple off laps. I knew Bas Slob was getting closer again. I knew he was way faster then us. So racing hard with Eric was only going to slow us down and make it easier for Bas to come closer.

The Pitstop

I saw Eroo Nomm was behind me. He is one off the best drivers in the field. I knew I was going to pit. But he didn't know that. In the last corner he was 0.4 seconds behind me. But I don't know, did he mis his braking point or was he really going for that dive? I wasn't expecting it anymore and couldn't avoid contact. I didn't lose a lot off time because off it. But it interrupted my pit entry.

The Race Part 2

I came out off the pits behind Bas but in front off Eric. I took new left tyres and 7.6 L off fuel. In the end I only had 0.4L left. The last couple off laps I needed to manage the gap with Eric. He was slightly faster then me. But when he was finally getting close enough to attack me. Richard Worth and Chepilevski came out off the pits behind us. This way I had to battle Chepilevski and Eric had to battle Worth. I could maintain my second position in Am class and finished P16 overall.

I'm pretty happy with my race because I had the pace to race Eric and Bas. I wasn't able to do that in Spa. Besides some minor incidents, at least two off them could have been avioded, I had a nice race and they didn't really affected my mood. It was great fun and i'm looking forward to Lime Rock Park. Wich will be a very difficult race!

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And also make sure you check out the live broadcast from GSRC if you want to see the top drivers racing => www.youtube.com/watch?v=QU1ADyOb4B4

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