Heusinkveld Race 5!

I did it! First top 10 finish in this league! What a race, what a race.


I could not believe my eyes. I was pretty good in practice. P13 at the end off it. But I was not really feeling differences in my setup. Just worked really hard on my driving this time. That got me really fast in one lap. But my consitency dropped because off it. Finished the practice in 2nd position in Am class behind Thomas van opstal.


My best lap ever on this track. My fastest time doing it in qualy. If that is not luck it must be skills. But i'm sure it's a lot off luck to. I knew I worked hard to achieve this. But I was not expecting this. I qualyfied in P10! Unbelievable. I got in front off some real good Pro drivers! But still second in Am class as Van opstal qualyfied in P9.

The race

So starting in P10. One off my 2 goals this season. Suddenly the pressure hitted me. I was standing there on the grid with all those Pro drivers behind me. Steve Hefford, Noël Luneberg, Travis Schwenke, Tom Rathje and Erik Garcia. Every single one off them is a very good driver. Travis and Erik where 2 off the 9 guys in that amazing leading group last weekend at Phillips Island. I was feeling the pressure building up!

I had a good start from the line! I managed to pass Van opstal in the second corner and take the lead in Am class. After the first lap I was driving in P9. But all the above names where wright behind me. And this situation was new to me. Normally they are in front off me. And so I cracked under pressure. I had to let them al pass because I could not maintain the speed. I also did not wanted to make any incident with any off these drivers. I have a lot off respect for them. And didn't want to ruin there races. After Nick Thissen and Tom rathje passed me. I had the feeling the pressure was a little bit gone. And I could keep the same pace with them.

After the pitstop, wich was a bad one, I got 2,5 second behind Tom Rathje. I managed to close the gap on him! I mean, my best race ever? Also I could keep off Erik Garcia who was 2 second behind me. After a while Steve Hefford and Chepilevski where battling hard. Tom and I where able to catch them. Then Tom did THE DIVE off the season! Passing 2 cars in one corner. Really, best thing I ever seen on track! Steve and Chepilevski had some contact in the next lap and I was able to get back in the top 10. Close the gap to Tom again and follow him till the end.

In the end I was not planning a move on Tom anymore. I didn't want to ruin my chances on a top 10 finish. I decided to follow Tom till the end and finish in the top 10!

Here is my POV off the race this evening: I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did!

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