Hey Charger! (But in 1976, there was an impostor.)

3y ago

I’m often fascinated by the marketing of US cars during the smog era, and financially troubled Chrysler of the 1970s provides some interesting cases. One case in point: the Dodge Charger of 1976. Having launched in 1975 with some success, the Charger (twinned with the Chrysler Cordoba) was joined the following year by two base models, the Charger and Charger Sport, both of which were really rebadged Dodge Coronet coupés (with a budget price, as you can see in the photos). The more upscale Charger, with its posher and longer nose, was advertised alongside some unknown chap called Tom Selleck, who wound up liking Ferraris a lot, lot more … Chrysler wasn’t alone in confusing marketing and nameplate shifts, but we’ll leave those for another time. More at Autocade at autocade.net/index.php/Dodge_Charger_(1975–8) and autocade.net/index.php/Dodge_Coronet_(1971–6)

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