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A couple of weeks ago, we went to a drive-in. If you haven’t been to one before, expect to feel like an American teenager in the 50s out on your first date. With live music and campfires, we waited until it was dark. Once everyone had turned up - vintage Bugattis, modern Porsches, Datsuns and even retro hot rods, the film started.

The first drive-ins actually appeared in the 30s, after a man called Richard Hollingshead set about on his driveway with a projector and some bricks to get the ideal positioning of the cars, even experimenting with sound - windows up, windows down, tweaking things until they were just right. Richard didn’t make much money and sold the idea, but it had caught on.

Right from the start the drive in was about giving families with small children a chance to see a movie. The idea being that parents could feed or tend to their noisy little'ns without all the 'shushing' you'd get in the cinema.

The 50s and 60s saw a boom for drive-ins, with some 4000 theatres in the US. It was a cheap and hip place for youngsters with cars to go on dates… although the image of the drive-in quickly lost its class. Known as passion pits, they even started showing pornographic movies!

Now though, the drive-in is a chance to relive and discover the retro atmosphere that almost makes you feel part of the pictures themselves.

Head to The Classic Motor Hub this Saturday for the real drive-in experience

The Classic Motor Hub is fast becoming the most natural hangout for classic car people. With their new monthly drive-in movies, it’s a chance to feel part of the retro culture that inspired generations of movie-goers in all sorts of ways. Classic and modern cars welcome. The only things left to decide is, who's going to buy the popcorn!

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