20w ago

Hey, here is the thing. I installed a sport suspension kit two days ago, shocks and springs and it is claiming to lower the car by 40mm. The back is low as you can see but that is because I adjusted it to look like that. I can change it so that doesn't matter. There is no way to adjust the front though and so here comes my question - Does suspension like that sag, drop with time? I ask that because the front sits basically the same as it did before the install, only a tad lower, deffinitely not 40mm. It deffinitely hasn't been on lowering springs or anything because both the old springs and shocks are way longer than these new ones, I havent cut my bump stops but I don't think that would change anything, they don't squeak, suspension is overall quiet. It dropped a centimeter or so and I would like that extra three, idk if they will settle or I should just go for -60 or -70 springs

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