Hey kids 'look at that'!

2y ago


There's a rule in our car when we are on road trips 'no electronic devices'. I don't see the point of going on a driving adventure with your children if all they do is stare at a screen and not look out the window at the world that is passing by.

Also when I'm a passenger in a car I love nothing more than to observe what's happening along the way. Of course it's more interesting when you are somewhere new, but it never ceases to amaze me when I've driven somewhere many times and I notice something I have never seen before.

We were impressed with the firewood stacks while driving through Switzerland.

The observation of the landscape by children is very important in my opinion. It offers me an opportunity to educate the children while we are driving along. I like to point out changes in the vegetation communities or geological features in particular.

Just like in other countries, all of the forests in Australia are not the same. The tree species present vary due to topography, aspect and rainfall for example. I get my children to look at the types of trees and bushes and I explain why the forest is composed in that certain way.

They may not be interested, but I have proof that they listen. My son has said to me 'hey mum, those trees look like the ones near so and so'. I said yes they do because they both are on exposed escarpments.

I also love looking at rock formations in cuttings where you can see the different layers in the rock or evidence of uplifts or compressions in the strata. I particularly like the mountains and rocks along the French Riviera. I have many photos, like the one below from our holidays in Europe.

Check out those layers!

It's also interesting to observe the types of housing, farming practices and urban planning in other countries as well. One thing that amazed me when I first visited England was the relatively short distance that you travel out of Heathrow Airport and reach the countryside.

In Sydney, where I live, the urban sprawl now extends approximately 60kms in a radius from the Sydney CBD. Australia may have the luxury of space, but poor urban planning has lead to a loss of valuable agricultural land in the Sydney basin and ever increasing gridlock traffic. I applaud the planning laws in England that have lead to the protection of your rural heritage.

When we visited Maranello and drove through the hills above the town I was particularly interested in the farming practices on the steep slopes pictured below.

But I digress, which will probably happen a bit when I write articles for this tribe. I want to hear your stories of the amazing things you seen while driving. Whether it is just around the corner or on the other side of the world.