- Credit: Paul OFlynn

HGV crashes into Van after Idiot Volvo driver braked checked HGV

.No sound. This Volvo had been brake testing me awhile. You can see at the lights he slows down then speeds up and slows down, The lights are on green so no reason to stop, he then goes again and then slams on, I went around him to avoid hitting him ( maybe) I was not close. Then this woman in a white van comes through the other way on red....Bang

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Credit: Youtube/ Paul OFlynn

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  • Looks to me like the Volvo driver hit the brakes because he saw the van coming through the light. Obviously we don't know what's happening prior to the few seconds of footage we have and the camera doesn't swivel like a drivers head does when approaching an intersection but based on this small piece of footage i'd say Van is at fault for running a light and truck is at fault for not allowing sufficient distance to stop. Volvo appears to be the only innocent party here.

    2 years ago
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    • Yeah, agreed. From this limited POV it seems like the Volvo saw the van coming and the truck behind the Volvo was in the wrong for pulling around it into oncoming traffic. Truck...

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      2 years ago
      4 Bumps
    • Yes, it was a green light, but that's meaningless. Clearly that van was coming thru no matter what and the Volvo must have seen it. Going around it like that was just stupid and...

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      2 years ago
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  • The Volvo driver braked because he saw the van coming that the truck driver didn’t 😂😂

    2 years ago
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