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Hi everyone! Just wanted to share my thoughts here. I am not an opponent of new cars, but I just can't get over how cars look like nowadays and how heavy they are. There are good reasons for this and I am aware of that, just trying to exclamate how everything is getting really dull and, well, ugly looking. I'm not saying the e46 was particularly elegant and I never found it beautiful, but as time goes by it's understated (boring?) looks kind of got my approval. This is my 323i, it's now 21 years old and the rust is slowly taking over, but it's simple lines somehow look right to me. e36 is still my favourite 3 series, I know, not many people will understand :) so, there you have it, nothing new or particularly interesting, just my thoughts at the moment. Greets to you all, enjoy you rides!

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  • Hey man, totally agree with your opinion on new cars. There are always going to be exceptions to the rule but on the whole I definitely prefer the modern classic era.

    I think we have been living through a major transition period in terms of design, engineering and technology. Not sure I like the direction that things are going but Iā€™m just going to enjoy the older stuff while we still have it.

    Nice E46 by the way.

    Always fancied one of those.

      1 year ago
  • Absolutely mate. There is no new car that matches the understated elegances of these oldish cars. Just remove rust, do the protection it needs, and drive on....you can see mine, thats what i am doing at 325000kms and on.

      1 year ago
    • Woow, nice! Mine is still going strong, it's only done 285.000 km, but it's my daily and it's doing 3.000 a month on average. What engine have you got?

        1 year ago
    • Pre face lift and Schnitzer rims, nice :)

        1 year ago
  • Hey ride! I recently scored a used e92 m3 but my heart wanted the e46. I know what you mean by new cars looking a bit dull. To me e46 is timeless, just my opinion

      1 year ago