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Hi guys! Charles Sycamore asked if Simone will be in the wrc2 next year, personally i don't know anything about that so far. But what I know is that he made a new Gymkhana celebrating Romania's National Day and 40 years of manufacturing in the Craiova factory, now being a Ford factory.


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  • Lol, bozgoru' de sub mine: "meh, ken block era mai bun". Ce-mi place sa-i vad opăriți asa de fiecare data cand apare o chestie misto din Romania. xD

      4 years ago
  • Very good. Would love to see a dual between him & KB.

      4 years ago
    • i guess, but rally drivers need only one take to get it done..don't know what to say about Ken :)

        4 years ago
  • very nice

      4 years ago
  • ken block much better.

      4 years ago
  • So Drivetribe is a website that goes along with The Grand Tour. So why is it that I can't watch a single video on my Amazon Kindle Fire HDX???

      4 years ago