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Hi guys, it’s been a while with work and commitments.
Today I thought it would be a good idea to try and sort out a little bit of body work on the old girl, when I bought the car she had a few dents and deep scratches,
If you guys have seen my pictures before you will be able to see some of the marks on there.
Today’s task was to rub back and fill the deep scratches on the rear quarter and rear door.
Using p38 filler and white primer (making sure I masked up all the areas I didn’t want to get paint on) was the easy bit, using 400 grit wet and dry to get the filler to shape and then 1200 and 1500 grit to make it lovely and smooth, applying more primer until I had a lovely base coat.
Now came the interesting part..... the metallic silver paint, as many of you know metallic silver is not by any means an easy colour to match or spray evenly especially out of a rattle can, which doing the job out the back of my dads with no spray booth and not having a proper spray gun. Most of you will probably think your MAD. Why bother without a spray booth and a proper spray gun.
Well me being me, I thought well what can go wrong, as it turns out not a lot really, yes it’s not a great match but it does the job, it’s only a cheap car so I’m not too worried and later in the year I’m going to wrap I think,
I have waffled on as usual but thought it would be nice to share my first experience of spraying and and this being the most important point, it being metallic. In hindsight I should have just sprayed the whole car but that would have cost a lot even with me doing it. These are a couple of the pictures I have of the work, I will take more as I’m going to simply Japanese tomorrow in her.

Love to hear your feedback and any tips if I decide to do again in the future

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  • That doesn't look too bad.

      1 year ago
    • Felt much happier the next day when she was all clean. Went to simply Japanese at Beaulieu motor museum. Got quite a bit of interest

        1 year ago