High 'n' Dry

1952 Airfloat Skipper travel trailer left asunder in Springfield, Oregon

6w ago

I spotted this exceedingly rare, 14 foot (most are 16 foot; most 14 footers are squared off) '52 or so Airfloat Skipper portholed, corrugated "canned ham trailer" tarped and rotting away in a Springfield, OR back street culdesac a while back, and I don't think it's hit DriveTribe yet.

Airfloats are among the most sought after of early postwar trailers- and also one of if not THE most rot prone of the bunch, even this side of the old Masonite bodied Schults, Terrys, Kit Companions and Westwoods from the WWII to early postwar era. So it is very sad to see a recently restored antique trailer tarped like this in the rain capital of the continental US.

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