This Mclaren Senna by MSO required more than 1000 hours to complete!!!!

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The Mclaren Senna already is a crazy car, but what happens if you want to make it even more unique and bespoke than any other Senna out there. Well that's why there is the MSO. MSO stands for Mclaren Special Operations and they have created some very intresting and bespoke cars in the past but nothing like this one. This car required almost 1000 hours to come into live!!!

Let's start from the exterior. The body is finished in a full exposed green carbon fiber with yellow accents running around the car.Only the body to get this finish required 250 hours out of the 1000 for the whole car. The yellow accents run around the whole body highlightning the perimeter of the car and also some of the aero that it has. The center lock wheel caps are also finished in yellow, the calipers are black but this was a last minute decision as originally was planned to be yellow but before the car got into production the owner changed them to black as he thought that it would be too much of contrasting happening around the car. Another cool feature that it has is the Senna logo that it is located on the end plate of the wing is painted to have a satin look but you can only spot it if the lightning is spot on.

A small look of the yellow accents on the aero and on the whhel caps!!!!

A small look of the yellow accents on the aero and on the whhel caps!!!!

Now the interior is the part that it is the most inresting with many options. First something that you will never see in any other Senna, the bucket seats normally are normal carbon fibre, but not in this one. In this one the bucket seats are in the exact same color as the exterior of the car, in the same green carbon fibre which makes them look even more cooler. On the carbon body as soon you open the door you will be greeted by the signature of Ayrton Senna, the man that the car pays tribute, also finished in yellow as the three point belts as well. The steering wheel is a split between the green cabon fibre and alcantara to save weight. The shift padels are green carbon fibre as the body. The unique about the interior is that MSO installed a leather door handle in order to make it easier to grab and close the door as you have to jump to grab it, this feature is something that none of the other Senna's don't have.

A small look of the interior!!!

A small look of the interior!!!

Performance wise the car is stock as MSO only changes the look of the car. It is equiped with a 4.0 L twin turbocharged V8 producing 789 hp.

The Senna already is a crazy hypercar with big possibilities mostly when it is on its element, the track. The rear wing with all the aero that it has produces 800 kg of downforce so cornering in high speeds is something you don't have to worry about. So when you want to transform this beast onto a more unique car, you need the MSO department and as you understand from its meaning they handle special operations.

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