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Highlights from Wekfest!......2018

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For those of you that do not know, Wekfest is one of the biggest modded car shows in the United States. This year's event will take place on June 30th in San Jose California, so I figured it is a good time to stop procrastinating and share highlights from last year's Wekfest with all of you! I am quite a pro at crastinating :D

The best thing about going to a show of this scale is that the car park to the venue is an entire show in itself with great cars like this awesome Nissan President. A great sign of what's to come. Never officially exported to foreign markets (aside from Singapore and Hong Kong), the President was a competitor to the much more well known Toyota Century. This particular President has just the right amount of modifications on it to fit my taste. Although I would prefer the car stock, the mods on this example gives it a rather retro Japanese Bosozoku (gangster) feel to the car.

Just because this is a modded car show it does not mean there would be no exotics or high end cars in the fray.

Although I quite enjoy that rather tastefully modded Ferrari, I am quite appalled at what happened to this Rolls Royce Phantom. Though there are many great mods at the show, I never said all of them would be great, and this slammed Phantom is one of them. I am just glad the slamming was the only thing done to this beautiful piece of British engineering.

At Wekfest, they have cars for all ages and sizes such as these Hammond sized supercars.

No modded car show is complete without one of these. A Toyota Supra. This particular Supra is a 1997 model, hence the 15th anniversary.

Next we have one of my favorite cars of all time, the SLS AMG Black Series. The gold wrap really put me off however. Advertising SSCustoms, this gold wrapped SLS AMG Black Series tricked me into thinking it was just a wrapped SLS with Black Series-esque mods on it.

However, after a bit of research after the show, I realized that this was indeed a real Black Series SLS AMG, and I was kicking myself for not taking more pictures. I am quite conflicted with this one. The car is mega sub-zero awesome, but gold and chrome wraps/paintjobs really do make the car less cool (at least in my opinion).

Aside from gold wraps, SSCustoms is also rather famous for their Dubai police livery wraps like this one on this German monster truck, the G550 4x4². While I do not like gold/chrome wraps, I am a huge sucker for police car liveries, so this monster truck gets a pass from me!

While the SLS AMG Black Series is one of my favorite cars, my absolute favorite is the first generation NSX like the one above. The NSX is my childhood hero and is the first car that I ever yearned for. In fact, I still yearn for one, and hopefully I can afford one soon.

The styling of the NSX is so simplistic and low-key that I just love it. The one gaudy part of the NSX is the taillight and it is just so iconic. Please excuse my fanboying.

Who doesn't like a funky ol' RWB Porsche. Well I am sure many people would call them travesties, but I on the other hand like their funkiness.

I almost fainted out of excitement when I saw this car, until I remembered the fact that the Spirit R FD was never sold outside of Japan and all but one are right hand drive. I applaud the owner for going through the effort to turn his FD into a Spirit R Type RZ. The Japanese in the 90s sure are teases, keeping the best trims for themselves.

Interestingly enough, while the Japanese keep most of the good stuff away from foreign hands, there are also numerous Japanese cars/trims that are not sold in the JDM market. This convertible S13 "OneVia" for example is one of those cars. For some strange reason, both the coupe and hatchback versions of the S13 was sold with popup, or as they say in Japan, retractable headlights. As a result, Japanese petrolheads gave the USDM Silvia the "OneVia" nickname since it is the opposite of the popular Japanese Sileighty front conversion for the hatchback S13. While I am not a fan of most convertibles, I have to say this particular one is quite smexy and I am glad Nissan decided the US market is the only one it will sell the convertible to. I would love it even more if it had the JDM front end, but beggars can't be choosers I suppose.

The Liberty Walk kit for the Ferrari 360 is quite smexy in my opinion. Although I do not like cars being this low to the ground, the wide body and ride height gives the 360 a much meaner and more aggressive look than the standard, round Ferrari 360.

Speaking of Liberty Walk, the one for the RS5 is not bad as well. I always felt the RS5 was too round and not aggressive enough for its status as a performance car, and the Liberty Walk kit certainly does the RS5 justice.

Here we have another car us plebeians never got in our local markets. Unlike the FD above, this is a real JDM Honda CR-X SiR. The CR-X SiR was quite a capable little hot hatch back in its day and has now become a rather popular collector's item.

We have seen the Italians, British, Japanese, and Germans. Do not think for a second the Americans are going to be a no-show. There were quite a few of modded American muscle at the show, but this yellow Mustang has got to be my favorite. It just looks too badass.

I hate to admit it, but a classic Mercedes being used as a lowrider is quite a cool combination. It certainly adds a bit more class to the lowrider genre that a Chevy Impala (and other common lowrider cars) cannot bring out.

Though seeing modded Fezzas, Porsches, and muscle cars, etc. are great, the favorite thing about WEKFEST are all the JDM imports that get showcased. As the name suggests, these cars were never sold outside of the Japanese market and it is always a joy to find them in the US.. This 1970's Toyota Crown for example is quite rare even in Japan. Due to the expensive old car taxes in Japan, most of these classic JDMs get scrapped or abandoned by most people, making them a gem to find no matter where you are. I am glad this 70s Crown found a good home.

I was ecstatic when I saw this beauty. My favorite Lancer Evolution generation, the LanEvo III. The closest thing we in the US got to the Lancer Evolution III was the Eclipse which used the same four banger as this icon. My friends in the picture are also quite taken by the Evo III despite one of them being a Subie owner.

What are your thoughts on this Aston DBS? I quite like the crazy purple wrap. (Says the guy who hates the gaudy gold and chrome)

Next up, we have most Evo fans' favorite LanEvo generation, the Evo VI. Made famous by Tommi Mäkinen, the Evo VI is indeed an incredible car that lives up to all the hype.

Anyone remember the old Honda City Turbo that came with the cute little Motocompo mini scooter? Back in the 80's Honda came up with a rather interesting marketing campaign where they sold small compact hatchbacks (Honda City and Honda Today) with the Motocompo "trunk bike". Then in early 1980, Soichiro Honda's son, Hirotoshi Honda (otherwise known as the founder of Mugen) decided to take the boring ol' Honda City and stick a turbocharger under the bonnet, thus creating the City Turbo. After a few tests that impressed old man Honda, the Turbo went into production and has become a cult classic. I am very impressed the owner was able to find a City Turbo that still had a Motocompo with it. It is very possible he found them both separately, but still cool to see.

Now that I am in Japan, S15s are a dime a dozen, but by the time I return to the US in September, I will find myself wanting to find more S15s at shows like this. The only reason why this S15 was able to get down to the US for the show is because this was a Canadian car that came down to the US for WEKFEST.

While the S15 is not yet legal for the standard 25 year import (though there are more expensive ways to get them in), the R32 GT-R, however, is. My second favorite GT-R of all time after the Kenmeri, the R32 in gunmetal grey is just one of the best JDM specimens out there. While normal gunmetal grey R32s are NISMOs, this one does not appear to be one. With only around 170 of those ever made, I would not be surprised. Still cool though.

This is perhaps my favorite kit for the This is perhaps my favorite kit for the 997 Porsche. It is pretty ridiculous, but the front end just looks so cool. The front looks almost identical to the new Porsche 935 racing car despite this being made earlier as an aesthetic kit for the 997. The rear of the car does look a tad off though. It just does not match the styling of the front and ends up being a rather awkward blend of a 997 street car and a Carrera track car.

Now this is an absolutely mental car, the Brabus Bullit. Based on the W204 C class, the Brabus Bullit features a ridiculous 720bhp twin-turbo V12 that can push the car up to 224mph. Although most Brabus cars are too ridiculous for their own good, it is the insanity of these Brabus cars that makes me love them. Practical?

I don't care what most people say about the RX-8, I appreciate them for what they are, and this widebody post-facelift RX-8 just looks immaculate.

While I enjoy non-GTR Skylines, the front camber on this car is just way too ridiculous and has definitely ruined what was originally a rather nice car. The color, I have nothing against.

Again, another car many people dislike, but I just absolutely adore the new NSX. I feel like the initial hate came from people overhyping the car before it came out and then other people just started bandwagoning. If you look at the car from an objective standpoint, it is not a bad car and does its job of keeping up with its main rivals in the same class.

Now this is a super rare Honda. The S2000 Club Racer. With only 699 of these track oriented S2000s made for the US market, the Club Racer is one of the holy grails of the S2000 lineup. Basically the S2000 Type S (Japanese market exclusive) but with a bit more power, the S2000 CR represents one of the few times us plebs in the US got a high end trim of a Japanese sports car. I just adore these things and the yellow color makes this even better!

A Ferrari 458 GT3! Now this one blew my mind. Although I am 95% sure this is a replica, it is still a really cool sight to see. It would make sense that a replica car would be at a modded car show since it is technically a mod. Man this car is just too sexy. I have to move on before I fanboy some more.

And who can forget the iconic AE86. Made famous by Initial D, the AE86 is more than just a pop culture icon, it was a rather formidable circuit and rally car back in the 80s. Definitely a car that can bark and bite.

Another lovely NSX.

And we end with a rather rare BMW M car, the 1 series M. I remember when they were all over the place in San Francisco, but after BMW discontinued the 1 series in the US, many of them got hidden away, so it is always exciting to see one.

What do you think of WEKFEST 2018? Which car out of these highlights were your favorite? Again, WEKFEST 2019 will take place on June 30th in San Jose, so if I piqued your interest, definitely swing by and take a look! Don't forget to comment your thoughts and as always, thanks for reading!