HIGHWAY TO HELL. Macco Motors New ‘Dusky Devil’ XSR700 Street Tracker

Spain's Macco Motors have done it again. Clearly there's something in the local water that makes amazing builds happen...

3y ago

There’s always been an adage in the car and motorcycle world, ‘fast, reliable and cheap; you can only pick two’. Yet along came Yamaha with their MT/XSR range of motorcycles and proved that was absolutely not true. You can thrash these things all day long; the MT10 with superbike levels of performance and they just don’t break despite being bargains off the showroom floor. But the looks are not everybody’s cup of tea, so when Señor Alberto of Madrid bought a 2017 XSR700 brand new he went straight from the dealer to Macco Motors for a solution. There the prolific kings of Spanish customs, Jose and Tito, transformed the Yamaha into a tasty street slaying ride they call Dusky Devil.

Operating out of Cádiz in Spain’s south Macco Motors builds an enormous number of custom bikes each year that are shipped all over the world. For a period of time it seemed every second custom Bonneville we laid our eyes on had come from their workshop. And liking what he saw Alberto thought he’d join the Triumph fraternity and got in touch with Jose. But he soon changed his mind having seen Macco’s Yamaha ‘The Kraken’ and headed to his nearest dealer and threw down the cash for the XSR700 in Yamaha’s 60th anniversary colour scheme that was on the showroom floor...


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