Hilarious Parcel Error Sees Richard Hammond Replaced By Chris Harris

1y ago


Jeremy's latest Instagram post most likely made a bunch of people gasp, because holy moly, it was a doozy. He posted a photo of three parcels from Land Rover addressed to the boys...except it was like a Twilight Zone version of "the boys."

One parcel was for himself, another for James May, and a third for...Chris Harris? Poor Richard; only one season in and he's already been replaced..

Obviously this was simply an error on Land Rover's part, but it was a pretty darn hilarious error. Could you imagine the backlash if it were true? Even if Chris Harris ended up being the temp-orary replacement host for Richard while he was out with his injury (it doesn't seem like he had a replacement), I think the fans would riot.

All nervousness aside, we can sit back and have a laugh at this hilariously coincidental error on this fine Monday morning.



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