HillClimb Legend - Felix Pailer´s 670Hp/830Nm Lancia Delta Integrale

One of the most Iconic Monsters in Hillclimb Racing still going strong

Legendary Car/Driver combo, its is Felix Pailer and his bright Orange Lancia Delta Integrale prepared by Gabat Ing. With the Austrian HillClimb Driver reaching his 70´s, his machine has continued its Evolution sporting now some of the biggest bodywork changes in its long career, with some serious wings both front and back. With over 670Hp/830Nm from its 2.1L Inline 4 Turbo engine, this 1030 Kg machine is bound to be as terrifyingly quick as it has ver been during the last decade.

The large Rear Spoiler and diffuser complemented by the fronts canards, helps putting all the power to the ground in what is still one of the fastest accelerating Monsters in all of HillClimb Racing. Regularly clocking 0-100Km/h sprints in 2 seconds flat and even lower, it is still posting very impressive results year round, as are the 3 Hillclimbs shown on the video ( Ecce Homo, Gasen and St. Agatha) example of. Top 10 Placings on all of them and still beating far younger machinery. We can´t wait what this duo has on reserve for 2020...

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