HillClimb Legend - The 750Hp Porsche 935 Turbo of Alain Pfefferlé

Air-Cooled, Turbocharged and still tremendously quick to this day

Alain Pfefferlé races this tremendous Porsche 935 Turbo unit still to this day on the Swiss Hillclimb Championship. With over 700Hp from it´s 3.2L Turbocharged Flat 6 Engine, it is still possible to watch this machine being driven in anger like we can see here on Oberhallau and St. Ursanne Hillclimbs.

This Monstruous Rear Engined 1050Kg Monster was crowned National Champion multiple times on the last 20 years and still looks as menacing as ever. A proper 935 K3, as seen many times on 70´s and 80´s Endurance Racing (imagine 24Hr Le Mans, 24Hr of Spa or 24Hr or Nurburgring), this truly analogue Monster still shows how powerful the air-cooled, fire-spitting Boxer 6 is still to this day.

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