HillClimb Legends: Bruno Ianniello´s Lancia Delta S4

Over 20 years of impressive performance from the Group B based Monster

One of the definitive Monsters of European Hillclimb Racing for more than 2 decades, it´s the brutal 700+Hp twincharged (Turbocharger and Supercharger applied to the 1.8 litre engine) Lancia Delta S4 of Bruno Ianniello.

Evolved from the already extreme Italian Group B machine, this Monster has seen tremendous sucess during its career, with Wolsfeld Hillclimb being one of the events where it has shown better pace thanks to its charactheristics.In such tight and twisty roads, the combination of explosive continuous power and supreme traction from its 4wd system makes this machine a terrifying competitor. Find that out on the video.

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