- 1963 Hillman Super Minx

Hillman Super Minx, Humber Sceptre & Singer Vogue Rust Problem Areas

10w ago


Some of you may be asking why have you included the Humber Sceptre & Singer Vogue in this guide? Well all 3 look very much the same in appearance well that is because all 3 cars where made by the Rootes Group there where some visual changes to the front and rear and some interior trim changes other than that all three cars used the same mechanical running gear and any problem areas appear in the same places on all three cars.

The big problem with any British classic car is tin worm better known as rust especially if the car has been in the UK its whole life. The problem areas for this on these cars are all the usual places like spring hangers, sills both inner and outer sills, inner wings are prone to rot on these cars as dirt gets trapped between the inner and outer wing. Jacking points can also suffer rot along with the chassis legs or even worse contain filler and newspaper from the 1970's when MOT standards were not as strict as today. Yes, I was caught out with this on my first Hillman Super Minx that is how I know this problem exists.

The rear arches tend to suffer rot as well as the front arches, some people will think it is easy just to replace the front wing well trust me it is not as the front wings are welded in place and it is nightmare to get the front wings to line back up and takes a lot of fettling and even more bad language. It is far easier just to replace the front arches instead of the whole wing.

The front edge of the bonnet also can suffer rot and there are no replacement panels for this which gives you two options, replace the whole bonnet with a good used one which is the easy option or if you like a challenge then fabricating your own which can be rather tricky unless you are skilled in fabricating and welding.

One area you must check is the floor where it lines up with the bulkhead this area is very common to rot if the car has had water sitting in the footwell, also check where the floor meets the inner sills and chassis rails those areas can also suffer from the dreaded tin worm.

I hope this guide helps you out if you are considering on buying a Hillman Super Minx, Humber Sceptre & Singer Vogue as a restoration project, yes i did get stung with my first one as it was a running car with 6 months MOT when i got it but when i came to get it though its next MOT that is when i realised it was made too look good underneath with undersealer which did a good job of hiding a lot of tin worm.