Hindustan Contessa : A Muscle Car ?

Is it really though ?

3w ago


Regardless of what people say on the internet these days with many Indian automotive memers who are hyping up the Contessa by calling it a desi muscle car, I don't think it is and I strongly believe its a disgrace to real muscle cars .

Okay first let's see what makes a car muscle car in the first place

real muscle car

real muscle car

Ridiculously powerful engine, affordable price and 2 doors (maybe) I stand to be corrected here, during oil crisis in 1970s in America origins of muscle car, car manufacturers had to downsize on the engines and power figures and even to this day many enthusiasts does not consider cars from that era as muscle car s.

so you see why power matters a lot in a muscle car.

And let's see what Contessa has to offer so it can be qualified as a muscle car

The Hindustan Contessa was a model of car which was manufactured by Hindustan Motors (HM) of India from 1984 to 2002. It was based on the Vauxhall VX Series of 1976 to 1978, very muscle car right?


Contessa was introduced to the Indian market with the 50 hp 1.5 Litre BMC B-Series Engine

Top speed was only around 125 km/h (78 mph)

By the late eighties, Hindustan had tied-up with Isuzu of Motors and started manufacturing their 1.8 L 4ZB1 petrol engine producing Max Power of 88 BHP for early fully imported assembled engines and 75 BHP for later engines assembled locally by Hindustan Motors. The car can achieve an increased top speed of 160 km/h.

Okay at the time it was ground breaking for Indian market but I am still adamant that it does not qualify to be called a desi muscle car.

Because it didn't looked like one or had the power to back it

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Comments (3)

  • A muscle car is

    A: American

    B: has a V8 with at least 300bhp

    C: looks like it could eat your mum and like it.

    That... Thing... Is not a muscle car.

      24 days ago
  • Muscle car? Was it called the atrophy edition?

      25 days ago


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