- 1985 Hot Wheels HiRakers Dodge D-50 Pickup with Real Riders

H​iRaker Dodge

1985 Hot Wheels HiRakers Dodge D-50 Pickup with Real Riders

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Ah yes, the mid 80’s, a time that was full of all kinds of fun quirky toys from Hot Wheels. Case in point, this Dodge D-50 pickup .

The casting itself made its debut as part of the HiRaker line in 1980. The HiRakers reflected what was popular in the car culture at the time. Today, everything is about a low stance ride and huge diameter rims on low profile tires. Back then, it was about how wide of a tire on a 14 - 15 inch diameter rim could you get to fit under the rear of your car. In some cases wider tires meant that a person had to raise, or “jack up”, the rear end in order to for the tires to clear the rear wheel arches by using taller springs or air shocks because it was a way cheaper route to go versus shortening the rear axle and tubbing the car. The resulting stance gave the car a “raked” looked or, as some called it, a stinkbug stance (yes, that is what it was called). Hot Wheels mimicked this fad by putting a hinged rear end in certain models of cars.

The car could be posed in 4 positions, stock level height, a little rake, ”Ok, this is getting ridiculous“ rake, and “Good God, I can’t see anything but the first 6 feet of road in front of me!” rake.

In 1985, Hot Wheels added the Dodge D50 pickup to its Real Rider series (“Rubber” Goodyear tires). This metallic blue (metallic paints were all the rage at the time) version is the second of three U.S. market color ways of this truck. This one sports the more desirable white hub Rear Rider wheels.

From its boxy shape and white topper to the metallic paint and bright tampos...

Or from the Goodyear adorned turbine style rims to the fully adjustable height rear end, any angle you look at it, it just screams early 80's.

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  • That second to last pic is money!

      17 days ago
  • The D-50 turned into the Dakota, right?

      17 days ago