- Source: Porsche Newsroom

Historic Colors are coming back for all Porsche models

The comeback of historic colors for all Porsche models

With the new Paint to Sample and Paint to Sample Plus options, Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur is expanding the range of special exterior colors for all its model series. The focus is on the availability of classic Porsche colors, which have been recognized for many years. For special personalized requirements, you can also choose to customize the color tone according to customer requirements. “Unusual paint finishes have been familiar throughout the history of our brand and are an important differentiating feature,” said Alexander Fabig, head of personalization and classics. “With this offer, we are reviving cult-classic colors and expanding the extensive range of standard and special colors across all the model series by more than 160 shades.”

Source: Porsche Newsroom

Source: Porsche Newsroom

Porsche not only expanded its color range but also reorganized it: Custom Color has been renamed Paint to Sample. This category includes predefined colors that have been technically approved by Porsche paint experts. Examples include Maritime blue, Rubystar, and Mint Green. These colorful choices from the 1990s are well-known among Porsche fans. In the past, they were available on the 964. As part of Porsche's enhanced personalization strategy, the legendary paint tone is now celebrating a comeback. Thanks to Paint to Sample, all current Porsche models can be painted with these classic colors.

Paint to Sample can be ordered at the Porsche Centre as part of the new car configuration. Compared with the standard color, its delivery time has increased by about three months. Prices within the model series vary by derivative products. For example, most 911 and 718 models of Paint to Sample cost 8,806 Euros 718 GT and 911 Turbo, Turbo S, and GT models cost 9,877 Euros.

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