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1ST GENERATION GT-R (1969-1972)

The principal Skyline GT-R known as "PGC10" made its open presentation at the fifteenth yearly Tokyo Motor Show in 1969. It was fueled by a 2.0 L DOHC S20 I6 making 160 hip (120 kW) at 7000 rpm with 118 N·m (87 ft·lbf) of torque. The power was conveyed by a 5-speed manual transmission to the back wheels. It was initially just accessible as a four-entryway car and was accessible as a car in March 1971 with the suspension code "KPGC10".

2ND GENERATION GT-R (1972-1977)

The successor to the "KPGC10", came as the "C110", which was discharged in 1973 after it made its open presentation at the 1972 Tokyo engine appear. the second era Skyline was fueled by a 1989 cc I6 S20 motor, it conveyed energy to the back wheels through a 5-speed manual gearbox. interest for superior games autos in the mid 1970s was not high in light of the fact that a gas emergency influencing the second-age to show unsuccessful. With only a sum of 197 autos worked before the finish of its short generation run.

NISSAN SKYLINE 2000 GT-S R (R31) (1985-1987)

In August 1985 the seventh-age Skyline "Nissan Skyline R31 2000 GTS- R" was propelled and was the first to reintroduce the 6-barrel DOHC motor. Just 800 units were worked to permit homologation for Group A Touring Car dashing.

3RD GENERATION GT-R (R32) (1989–1994)

After Nissan crossed out creation of the 1973 adaptation, they got it back again in 1989. This time with another 2.6 Liter Twin-turbo charged motor and an all-wheel drive idea, composed by Nismo. The Nissan Skyline E-BNR32 undercarriage "R32" had quite recently been outlined and was picked as a base to fabricate a more aggressive Group A race auto. It was put into creation by Nissan as the R32 Nissan Skyline GTR.

4TH GENERATION GT-R (R33) (1995–1998)

The fourth Generation was the "E-BCNR33" abbreviated to "R33" made its presentation in 1995 to take after on in the strides of the exceptionally fruitful R32 display. The motor in both the R33 and R32 were about indistinguishable. They even utilized a similar turbochargers and a similar detail for the 5 speed manual gearbox, in spite of the fact that the synchro were made more grounded in the R33.

5TH GENERATION GT-R (R34) (1999–2002)

The up and coming age of execution Skyline's to hit the lanes was the "GT-BNR34" known as the "R34" was discharged in January 1999. Nissan chose to make the R34 GTR shorter "from front to raise", in addition to make the front wheels nearer to the front. One of the fundamental new highlights included was the 5.8" LCD multifunction show in the focal point of the dashboard, that presentations seven diverse live readings of motor and vehicle insights, for example, turbocharger support weight, oil and water temperature and that's just the beginning.


The new age made its open presentation at the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show. It was propelled to the Japanese market on the 6 December 2007, and the authority U.S. dispatch was on July 07, 2008. In spite of the fact that the Nissan GTR never again conveys the "Horizon" name, it has its legacy in the Skyline run. Much the same as its enormous siblings the "R32, R33 and R34", the R35 has an exceptionally keen all-wheel drive framework and a twin-turbo 6-chamber motor. The customary straight-6 "RB26DETT" motor has been supplanted with another V6 "VR38DETT". What's more, the "HICAS" four-wheel-guiding framework utilized as a part of past models has been expelled.

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