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'Hold Your Horses, Tesla!' Electric Mustang Crossover is Coming

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Right at the moment when the big Tesla Model Y event began, Ford tweeted a rather cryptic message showing only a bright blue, almost electrified, logo of a Mustang with a message 'Hold your horses.'

Pure coincidence? I don't think so.

Clearly, there is some connection between Mustang and an electric crossover, and Ford wants us to take notice.

Well Duh! Ford has been working on a Mustang-inspired electric crossover called the Mach E for some time now. At first they wanted to call it the Mach 1 but the Mustang fans raised their pitchforks, and that was the end of that.

But an SUV is what we expected anyway. The 'pure' Mustang will be soon the only traditional car left in the company's lineup for the USA as it shifts their focus on more profitable SUVs, trucks and crossover utility vehicles. Can we really blame a company that wants more profits?

An actual image from an actual ford.com site titled: Mustang-Inspired Electric SUV

Also, Ford is dead serious about electrifying all their models by the year 2022, be it hybrid, PHEV, or all-electric. And apart from the existing models, there will be a many entirely new models. One of them is the Mach E, scheduled to arrive the very next year.

It will go like hell

Earliest attempts at electrifying Ford models like the Focus Electric, Fusion Energy and C-Max PHEV were all about fuel efficiency. But with $11 billion allocated to further developing technology over the next five years, things get somewhat different.

"When we first started talking about electrification, there was this thought that there had to be a trade-off: it was either going to be green and boring and no fun, or really exciting but burn a lot of fossil fuels," Bill Ford said during the Crain's Detroit Business Newsmaker of the Year luncheon. "Electrification has come to the point that you can do both."

Commenting on the Mach E project, Bill said it "will go like hell."

So, a Mustang-looking Lamborghini Urus with McLaren P1 kind of drivetrain... Yes! Bring it on Bill!

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