- Photographed in September 2018 in Palmer, South Australia

    Holden HT Ute

    Photographed in September 2018 in Palmer, South Australia

    Holden HT Belmont, Kingswood and Premier models were introduced in May 1969, replacing their Holden HK series equivalents which had been built since 1968. Brougham and Monaro models followed in June 1969.

    Major changes from the HK series included new grilles, new taillights, flatter rear flanks and a slightly wider back window.

    Other changes included increased track width, revised suspension, a new instrument panel and synchromesh on all forward gears on manual gearbox cars.

    Engines on offer were a very reliable 161ci 6-cylinder, the more powerful 186ci 6, or australian manufactured 253ci or 308ci V8s. GTS Monaros could have a 35 Chev.

    Just under 500 Holden HT utes were exported and assembled in South Africa as the Chevrolet El Camino. The interior, front fascia, and badging were unique to South Africa and they received either a Chevrolet 250 cu in (4.1 L) six-cylinder engine or the V8.

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    Comments (9)

    • Great looking ute!

        1 year ago
      • One of the best model Holdens they made, IMO.. They started to get electronic and complicated after this..

          1 year ago
    • 😍 I wish we had Holdens here

        1 year ago
      • We've got plenty! How many do you want? :)

          1 year ago
      • 🤔 One HSV Maloo, a Commodore, one of this classic Ute, well I'm sure there are a lot more great ones I don't know. Well sometimes there is a holden for sale here. Maybe I will make my dream true and visit Australia soon and then I will take one with...

        Read more
          1 year ago


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