Holden is building something very special as part of a brand-new Aftersales promotion called Project Monaro.

Paying homage to one of their modern classics, the V2 Monaro – Holden is embarking on a unique restoration of a 2004 VZ CV8. The best part is that when the car is completed, one of their lucky customers will win it.

Project Monaro is a real ‘money-can’t-buy’ kind of car – as close to a brand new CV8 as possible, only reimagined, refined and improved from the ground up using Holden Genuine, ACDelco and Chevrolet Performance Parts.

Teaming up with motorsport icon Craig Lowndes, Holden will also be demonstrating their ongoing commitment to Australia and New Zealand, by drawing on the wealth of talent within Holden as well as their dealer network.

I am truly proud to continue my long-term association with the Holden brand,” said Lowndes. “Like many Australians, I grew up with the Monaro. It’s such a thrill to be working on such a special project with the team at Holden.”

The Port Melbourne based Design team (including some of the original V2 Monaro designers) have been tasked with contemporising the car both inside and out. Their engineering team, along with the help of the Red Bull Holden Racing Team and some key build partners, are in charge of improving ‘the big 3’ performance characteristics of the Monaro – the go, stop and turn and bringing it to current day performance standards.

As part of the build of Project Monaro, Lowndes will take the audience behind-the-scenes in a series of entertaining mini-documentaries. From the concept development, through body, interior and mechanical restoration, culminating in the final shakedown of Project Monaro at Holden’s the top-secret Lang Lang Proving Ground with Lowndesy himself behind the wheel.

How can you win? Holden is opening this promotion to both trade and retail customers in Australia and New Zealand. If you’re in the Automotive Trade, simply enter through your local Holden Trade Club website - www.holdentradeclub.com.au or www.holdentradeclub.co.nz. Then simply follow the prompts to enrol in the Project Monaro competition.

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Comments (3)

  • The AWD Monaro could be thought of as a very suitable country doctors car.

    A country doctors car needs to be capable of conveying the good doctor to a patient, in safety and comfort, and sometimes, that means driving across less than smooth road surfaces.

    And the vehicle needs to be reasonably simple to service.

    The reasonably low cost of maintaining a Holden, can then , in effect, be passed on to the doctors patients, in the form of reasonably priced medical care.

    In America , Buicks were known as " The Doctors car " .

    They are a high quality, yet simple car, traditionally straight forward mechanically. Reserved, capable and well thought out, they share parts with the mainstream GM range, which , again keeps costs reasonable.

    Buick once owned GM, not the other way around.

    Imagine if Buick , were to once again, become the more influential of all GM divisions, complimenting the quiet resilience of the American people.

    Holden, traditionally, has been the equivalent of Buick.

    Holden , way back when it was Holden Frost, made bodies for Buick.

    Buicks , and Holdens traditionally are larger cars, with lots of boot or trunk space for Doctors bags , and room on the back seat to carry a patient or two, at a pinch.

    If you had to lay a patient out flat , a Holden or Buick wagon was up to the task.

    With that dissertation in mind, could I request of the Project Monaro team, that they would see if it were not possible to include the split fold rear seat configuration and drop down tail gate of the 2002 Holden SSX concept vehicle ?

      1 year ago
  • It’s a shame that Holden doesn’t bring the Monaro and Commodore back as a full V8 powered production model. Nobody likes the V6 engine, we want V8 power.

      1 year ago
    • Yep I agree, but the V8 is going to be a thing of the past unfortunately

        1 year ago