- Andy figured a HR would be beaut as a two-door coupe.

Holden never built an HR coupe, but this guy is building one

12w ago



Some people are happy with their lot in life, but then there are punters like Melbourne's Andy Billiet. Andy loves his 1967 HR Holden sedan, but figured it would be even beaut-er as a two door pillarless coupe.

The slight problem with that capital idea is that Holden never built a two-door pillarless HR coupe. Luckily, Andy got in touch with Ryan Carter from United Speed Shop in Newcastle, as Ryan had drawn up renderings of such a car 10 years earlier.

While some would just weld the back doors shut and call it a day, Ryan has spent the US defence budget in cutting discs to reprofile the whole car. The front wheel openings are moved up and forward, the doors lengthened, the C-pillar and rear wheel arches all modified... and that is before you get to the custom front and rear suspension, custom wheel tubs, and more!

The car will run a modified Holden six-cylinder and air bag suspension.

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