- Photographed in December 2018 at Slowlife, Brickworks Markets, South Australia.

Holden Tray-Top

Here's a vehicle which I don't recall seeing anywhere other than Australia - a Tray-top.

This one is based on a Cab-chassis combination which was available new from General Motors Holden, where an after-market coach-builder would add the tray top for you.

It's really hard to pick which year this is, as (for some unknown reason) Holden never updated the exterior trim on these to match the sedan of the same year. In fact (if I remember correctly) they never came out with this front end at all, this is from a later model sedan, a HZ probably.

Many of these came with a 253ci or 308ci Aussie V8, or a 173ci or 202ci inline 6, a Red motor.

Most of these tray-tops were worked pretty hard, it's unusual to find one at all, and very rare to find one which has been restored like this one has.

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Comments (3)
  • I also just noticed the fenders.. the vented ones were not standard, these came off of a Monaro.. Very standard modification for any Holden of this era.. Usually people add the twin headlights from a Premier also.

    10 months ago
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  • This is a pretty interesting idea. Still called a Ute or is this called a Tray Top?

    10 months ago
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    • They're really a tray-top,. but a lot of folk still call them Utes.. Great work-horses!

      10 months ago
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