- 1977 911 2,7s

Holiday in a 40 year old car

1y ago


This year the grand family holiday went from Denmark to Loire in France. As I just acquired an old Porsche 911 it kind of gave it self, that I had to take the car on a roadtrip. My son agreed or begged to go with me, my wife took the train and my daughter took the Panda with her boyfriend.

With all arrangements made we took of on the almost 1700 km long trip to Loire. After just 5 km the generator lamp made a short blink and I almost went back to switch car, but we took a gamble and continued. 600 km later just outside Kassel it got worse, and I found a classic Porsche dealer. Immediately they started working on the car and less than two hours and 380 euro later the journey continued, with a new generator.

The rest of the trip was actually quite event less. The 40 year old car just went on and on, with out any complaints. 10 km. per liter or what equals 28 mpg. an average speed on the autobahn of 70 mph. and only short fuel and coffee stops.

I could have used my Alfa Romeo with aircondition and five Euro Ncap stars, it is faster, safer, less noisy and more fuel economic but it would not have been as much fun. It actually made very good sense to take my hobby with me on holiday. I can only encourage you to do the same, it maks perfect fun, and you are sure to remember the journey as well as the actual holiday.

Get out and drive