Holographic Logos Patented By Ford And Lincoln

And they look absolutely epic.

1w ago

As reported by CarBuzz, American automakers Ford and Lincoln have just patented holographic logos. According to the patent, the projections themselves will appear on water.

The listing says that “it relates to a holographic projection system and method for a vehicle. It has been recognized that there is a need for a holographic projection system and method for a vehicle, which can help vehicle users find their vehicle easily, especially in the case of cloudy, night or other low light conditions."

The holographic logo system consists of three parts: a projection device, a water mist generating device, and a controller. The water itself can be collected using a valve or through condensation.

According to the patent, the hologram system can also be at the bonnet ornament or on top of the vehicle. What’s especially interesting is the fact that drivers may also be able to project images of their own choice using the system.

Though plenty of thought has gone into this idea and despite there being a patent for it, there is no guarantee this feature will ever make its way to production vehicles.

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Comments (11)

  • Nice drawings

      11 days ago
  • Cool buts what’s the point in them?

      11 days ago
  • I think the idea is awesome!

      11 days ago
  • Waiting for the old Roadmster hood ornament

      4 days ago
  • It says you would be able to project the image of your choice. How long will it be before someone uses the one finger salute.

      8 days ago