HOLY CR*P! 2000+HP Switzer R35 GTR Loses Control at 218MPH (349KPH!)

1y ago


Last week we posted a clip of "Goliath" Racing an beating a 1000hp BMW M5, even with a 400m head start. What we didn't show is what happens next.. The GTR loses control at 218MPH! That's 349KPH for the rest of the world.. Holy hell, it's lucky the driver is around with us to tell the tail...

Thanks to Team Insanity for this clip!

You can follow Team Insanity here: www.youtube.com/user/Meidan1981

The car is called "The grey Goliath" Because theres also a White Goliath thats just finished the last upgrade (insanity package).

Both are 1900+whp (around 2300hp engine horsepower).

Twin GT45s fully built engine , Switzer special manifolds/dps/intercoolers.

They run on pump gas and when u go full throttle it moves to Ethanol and high octane fuel.

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