Holy grail of 964's

Inspired by the success of 917 on Le Mans

Closing my eyes, I dream, we are entering the last decade of the 20th century, the year 1990. I headed to Birmingham for the British International Motor Show. One car, in particular, catches my attention, dressed in a "Maritime Blue" at first it would be said only the facelift of the predecessor, but beneath the traditional silhouette was a brand new car. Yes, it was a new Porsche 911, generation 964, instant classic, with as much as 85% new parts compared to the previous G-series. It was a car based on the new Carrera Cup race car that was introduced the same year. The return of the legendary "Rennsport" designation, the 964 Carrera RS was definitely a worthy successor to the 1972 Carrera RS 2.7 model.

It was even 130 kg lighter than the standard model, thanks to the aluminum hood, almost non-existent sound isolation, thinner side and rear windows, no airbags, power steering, and transparent covers were added instead of fog lights. The result is a mass of only 1220 kilograms. At the rear of the car was a spoiler, which would be activated at speeds above 80 km/h, or by pressing the button. The ECU was configured to use high-octane fuel. Rear-wheel drive, suspension 40mm lower and much stiffer with racing shock absorbers. The front brakes are the same as on the "Turbo" model, while the rear ones are taken from the Carrera Cup, as well as 17" Cup wheels made of magnesium. We come to our favorite part, to the soul of the car, which was located under the grilles at the rear, to a 6-cylinder boxer engine with a volume of 3.6l, 260hp, and 325Nm of torque at 4800RPM. The car is from 0-100km / h accelerated in just 5.3 seconds, top speed was 260km / h. Carrera RS was available in 2 more versions, in addition to the "base" referred to in the text, "Touring" and "N-GT" (near-production GT)

I sit behind the wheel, put on my gloves, turn the key, the engine hums wildly behind my head, I will continue to Scotland and visit a castle along the way, while "chillwave" is heard in the background, a perfect combination, because what more do I need?

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