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Home is Where the Car Is

Hello all.

I pose unto you a simple question: how much time do you spend in your car?

More specifically, how much time in a day? Or a month? Or a year? Or throughout your entire lifetime? Hmm, let's see...

I'd be willing to bet it's at least an hour each day. Personally, I drive a bit extra for work so I'm looking at half an hour to and from work, half an hour to and from lunch, an hour or so of work-related travel on weekdays, and an hour or so per day on the weekends. That makes for about two hours a day Monday through Friday and at least an hour each day on the Weekends which basic maths will tell us is an average of about 1.7 hours in the car every day, which is about 12 hours every week, 48 hours every month, 576 hours every year, so on and so forth into the void of infinity. If you live in America and got your license at 16 and you live to be 86, that's roughly 70 years worth of driving 576 hours each year for a grand total of 40,320 hours of driving throughout your lifetime! Or, to put it in a more appropriate context, 1/15th of your ENTIRE LIFE is spent driving.

Now, you may be muttering to yourself under your breath as you sip your morning coffee/tea/mimosa, "This guy is just throwing numbers out there. What does he know?"

You would be right to ask, but it won't affect the objective truth here which is that the average person spends a boat (car?) load of time driving, riding, or simply being inside of a car.

If Only It Were This Easy

This point, undoubtedly driven home (never get tired of the car puns) by my maths, is but a foundation for a greater, more philosophical musing: can a car really ever be "just a car"?

One would hope that the time we spend in our boxes of metal isn't time wasted in a miserable state of simply existing in a motorized, enclosed space but a collection of experiences with which we can create a timeline for all of the great and sometimes terrible things that occur throughout our lifetime. A place that transcends even its own measurable quality to form a bond with its occupant based on his or her journey through life and the car's immeasurable potential to be more than just an object.

When seen through this lens a car can hardly be classified as a creation solely designed to get someone or something from point A to point B. In fact it can hardly be classified as a car at all. What it can be, however, is something worth much more. Something that you can tie your good, your bad, and your frightening memories to. Something that is there in support of all your decisions, triumphs, and failures. Something to shelter you when you need it most.

Something more like a home.

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