- Mercedes S Class Convertible

Homecoming Heroes

20w ago


Small town life is quaint and comfortable. Leave your doors unlocked (maybe not intentionally), borrow a cup of sugar from a neighbor, or even make smalltalk at the post office. Villages of a certain size are incredibly convenient places to raise a family. Kids thrive in the outdoors. They grow up in close-knit "squads" and know each other like family.

One of the kids' favorite times of the year is at the turn of the seasons from summer to fall. Bonfires, hotdogs, s'mores, football season, and homecoming parades. These are the core elements for a time of year sure to put a smile on their young faces. These events may make the kids squeal with glee, but they don't usually do much for the grown-ups supervising the fun.

Mahindra ROXOR Offroad

"Oh, boy. Look, there goes another flat-bed trailer with bales of hay and people waving." Occasionally you'll see something truly exciting- a poorly conceived, completely unrecognizable, paper mache encrusted chicken wire structure. If you're lucky, it might burst into flames spontaneously as you watch.

This year, I realized that my pessimism about homecoming parades is misplaced. For some reason (maybe the trauma of having to push through the crowds, avoid stepping on unattended children, or dodge contracting tetanus from rusty nails), I've never really noticed that the parade showcases some pretty nice cars- if you're paying attention.

Chevrolet Camaro SS

This year, I paid attention. While my small town parade didn't feature the new Bugatti Divo or Ferrari "The Ferrari", it did have a nice variety of insta-worthy whips. The Mercedes S Class sells new around $130,000 and it modeled its luxury on the local catwalk at 1.5 mph 15 feet away from me. The controversial Mahindra ROXOR bookends the other end of the cost spectrum as it can be ordered for around $15,000. Rare around these parts, it made for an interesting pic.

Chevrolet Corvette Z06

A parade wouldn't be worth attending without some sports cars. Homecoming didn't disappoint this year as it brought a classic and a hot new set of wheels right up close. What appears to be a '69 Camaro SS cruised by carrying the prince and princess in style. Lastly, what may be one of the final "affordable" ($56,000) front-engined models of the Corvette before Chevrolet debuts its mid-engined monster floated past. Considering the quantity of candy being thrown into the throbbing mass of rabid children lining the road, keeping my eyes on the cars truly did allow me to- dare I say it- ENJOY the Homecoming parade.

Chevrolet Corvette Z06

Z06 from the rear

Getting home after homecoming usually means fighting traffic, but this year it meant walking by this beauty on my way back to my parking spot. While small town homecoming parades are usually a bore, if you focus on the best places at the right moments, even adults can enjoy the experience. Just beware the floats carrying kids throwing candy. They aim for the eyes.