- The Honda CIvic Coupè GRC ( Photo Credits : www.redbull.com )


The great fascination that rallycross inspires in motorsport lovers is undeniable. Mayhaps it is due to the high adrenaline which charges its races of spectacular fights, but nevertheless, rallycross generally is a fan favourite.

The Honda Civic Ciupè Mk X ( Photo Credits : www.Motor1.com )

Honda was well aware of this, and the company launched the tenth generation of Honda Civic with a competition variant at the Red Bull Global Rallycross.

The Red Bull Global Rallycross logo ( Photo Credits : www,pinterest.it )

Since 2011 this championship has represented the summit of the US rallycross competitions. The number of people that follows it makes the competition an ideal event to advertise a new model just released on the market.

The HPD Logo ( Photo Credits : www.totalsim.us

The GRC variant of the Civic Coupé only aesthetically recalled the standard version, the mechanics and aerodynamic components had been completely reworked by Honda Performance Development with the collaboration of the Swedish team Olsbergs MSE.

The Civic frame ( Photo Credits : www.youtube.com )

Based on a tubular frame reinforced with a safety roll-bar, the car was equipped with new sports suspension and a new enhanced brake system.

Underneath the aluminium body, equipped with new aerodynamic appendages, the Honda K20C2 2.0 engine was housed by a six-speed sequential gearbox and combined with four-wheel drive.

The Civic during a derapage ( Photo Credits : www.redbull.com )

Capable of delivering the power of 600 hp with a torque of 590 Nm, the engine was able to propel the Civic up to a top speed of 220 km/h with acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 1.9 seconds.

Joni Wiman and Sebastian Eriksson with the Civic GRC ( Photo Credits : www.autotrader.ca )

Driven by the pilots Joni Wiman and Sebastian Eriksson, the car faced hard competition from team Volkswagen and team Ford. Throughout the competition, the Civic had as the only relevant result a second place and four third places. At the end of the season, given the barely satisfactory results, the Japanese team decided to abandon the championship.

The Civic battling with the Beetle of Andretti Rallycross ( Photo Credits : www.omse.se )

Launch video of Civic

Civic Test

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