Honda Civic Sedan gets axed in Japan of all places

Sometimes the car world can be counter-intuitive and odd

In the car world, the market is driven by regulations and demand, which means that certain dynamics don't necessarily match the geographical expectations. In other words, the brand doesn't really matter if the product isn't right for the right market. That's the main reason why the fact that Honda is axing the Civic sedan in Japan, of all places, isn't necessarily shocking.

The original Honda Civic was introduced in 1972 but despite the car's worldwide presence, its popularity in Japan kept declining until 2010, when Honda decided to retire the model from its domestic line-up. In 2017, they brought it back with the tenth generation and they also introduced the sedan variant but, once again, it didn't really work.

In 2019, Honda only sold 1,619 units which is why they've now decided to call it and stop selling the four-door Civic from Japan. Weirdly, blame it on the market, customers in Japan can still buy a five-door hatchback and the Type R but these are only available as imports from the UK. Car makers often do this. Fiat, an interesting example, keeps selling a variety of sedans worldwide but these cars are hardly ever sold in Italy, and then you have the Nissan Sentra and Altima, as another example, which are best-sellers in the US but you can't buy them in Japan.

The good news is Honda is currently working on the new Type R but we don't actually know where they'll build it. The factory in Swindon, UK is expected to close its door next year and the same faith awaits the plant in Turkey. Honda produces a great variety of cars, especially four-door sedans, in the United States and it has factories in Indiana, Alabama and two in Ohio so that's definitely a possibility.

It's still too early to say but Honda is reportedly increasing the power output of the new Type R without using electricity (for now). So fingers crossed, I guess.

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  • Heck-fire, NO ! Over here in hillbilly-land we'uns ready gots too durn many of them thar are lil buzzy cars already, goll dang it!

      6 days ago