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The Honda Civic Type R, here in the UK, is a big deal. The rare first generation was import only and had a loyal fan-base. The second generation was hugely fast in its day, great to drive and featured one of the greatest four cylinder engines fitted to a hot hatch. You had to rev the nuts off it to get the most from it but boy was it worth it.

More exciting and more engaging than most, it is definitely the wild child amongst the more civilised offerings from VW and SEAT.

I said it!

The third generation Type R moved the game on in the style department with sharp lines and trapezoidal exhausts but many felt it wasn’t as good as the previous car. The suspension at the rear was not on par with the last version and to make matters worse, it weighed more and had the same power. Faster it was not.

After that we had a long gap without a Type R on sale and many hot hatches had moved the game on substantially. So when Honda announced a Turbo-charged 300+hp Civic Type R, the motoring world rejoiced. Would this be Honda’s return to form?

The Type R is nothing if not aggressive looking

The Type R is nothing if not aggressive looking

This Type R, based on the 9th generation Civic, is not for the shrinking violets among us. The aggressive face, wide arches, big wing and quad exhausts scream hot hatch to all that can see. Luckily the Civic has the power to go with the looks. Up until very recently it was the fastest front wheel drive car to lap the fearsome Nordschleife at the Nurburgring. A record Honda are very keen to get back with their next generation Civic Type R.

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  • I don't know quite why I love the Type-R so much, but I do. Maybe it has something to do with those wild looks which seem to strike a note with my inner 12 year old...

      4 years ago