Honda Civic type r: yes? no?

Ok, so this is a topic I have been saving for one of my first posts on DriveTribe and I have to say, it's a rather risky one. Mainly because I'm pretty sure I am very much in the minority but I wanted to spark up a (healthy) discussion about the new Honda Civic Type R. So my question is, does it look right?

For those of you that have just spat out your evening beverage or choked on your dinner, firstly let me apologise. Bear with me on this one. No doubt that the grey brushed aluminium finish looks fab and the whole car itself looks like a symphony of evil. It a car that looks like it's very willing to tap the Focus RS on the shoulder and invite it outside for some fisticuffs.

So this is the new one

And this is the curren one, which to me looks more 'hatchbacky'. The new one looks more like a saloon in my eyes.

But my gripe with the new concept is that it looks a bit too long and although it's more hunkered down then the current Type R I think it looks a bit squashed down and somehow out of proportion. Also, I think that small exhaust pipe in the middle is just pointless, it just screams afterthought if you ask me. There's properly a good reason for its design and if there I'm sure someone will point it out but I'm still not swayed by the overall looks. Does that make me mental? Probably. Right so how do i get this straight jacket on?

I do like that grey finish though...

But i actually think I prefer the shape of the current model...



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