Honda confirms next gen Civic Si and Type R will be manual only

Great news for Honda fans who feared the worst

4w ago

In late April when Honda debuted it's newly revamped Civic sedan they confirmed fans worst fears, they were dropping the manual transmission from the vehicles option list going forward. Fans then wondered if that decision would make it's way to the higher performance Si and Type R versions of the Civic, but according to a representative from Honda that isn't the case.

In an Instagram Live video that was posted to YouTube by the forums, Carl Pulley, Honda media relations manager, confirmed the Si and Type R manual.

"We will definitely have an Si, and as tradition it only comes with a manual transmission. That will be the case here. And for the super enthusiast, yes we will have a Civic Type R coming out, and yes that will be manual transmission as well."

Carl also confirmed the return of the Civic hatchback which interestingly enough, will have a manual option.

"The sedan doesn't come with a manual but the hatchback will be next, will definitely have a manual transmission," said Pulley. "Honda arguably makes the best manual transmissions."

This is really good news for the stick-shift faithful and in a world where manuals seem to be going away with every production year, Honda, you are appreciated.

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Comments (19)

  • Thats great

    But I kinda wanted paddle shifters

      1 month ago
  • Seeing this cheered me up! I was convinced manuals are on the way out.

      1 month ago

      1 month ago
  • Nice.

      1 month ago
  • I don’t care what transmission they have I just want the coupe back

      1 month ago